The Club Mercedes G EspaÑa Is Born

Diskutiere The Club Mercedes G EspaÑa Is Born im G-, M-,R-, GLK-, GLC-, GLE-, GL/GLS- und X-Klasse Forum im Bereich Mercedes-Fahrzeuge; THE CLUB MERCEDES G ESPAÑA IS BORN After many years and many good wishes, we have finally officially established the “CLUB MERCEDES G ESPAÑA”...

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    After many years and many good wishes, we have finally officially established the “CLUB MERCEDES G ESPAÑA” (“C.M.G.E.”).

    The CMGE officially exists with all its paperwork since the Spanish Ministry of Internal Affairs notified its governing board a few days ago.

    On March 11th 2006 the 15 founder members of “CLUB MERCEDES G ESPAÑA” met at Meco (Madrid) and proceeded with the CMGE’s organization meeting.

    During the meeting the by-laws were formalized and the “CLUB MERCEDES G ESPAÑA” was established, following which the first Directors were elected:

    · President Berardo Berástegui Portal
    · Vice-President Jesús Fernández Salguero
    · Secretary Jaime Rogles Díaz
    · Treasurer Luis Agudo Escribano
    · Director José Mª de Segovia Robles
    · Director José Ramón Durán Martínez
    · Director Mariano Barbosa Alcocer
    · Director Angel López Troitiño
    · Director José Javier Alonso Gómez
    · Director Francisco José Berbis Cánovas

    The legal and postal address was established at:

    Club Mercedes G España
    C/ Joan Miró, 12
    28880 Meco

    Apart from its postal address, the CMGE can be contacted through its Internet web page, which is and the following e-mail addresses:

    info @
    presidente @
    vicepresidente @
    secretario @
    tesorero @

    Its aim is to develop all sorts of activities related to off-road driving and the Mercedes G.

    The CMGE is open to anyone interested in joining in, be it Mercedes G owners or otherwise, the only precondition is to be a fan of the vehicle.

    The activities of the CMGE will be always broadly based in off-road driving and the “G”, be it as social meets, scenic drives, tourist visits, sightseeing, trips, open days, etc.

    The CMGE will organize many activities open to both members and non-members, while some others will be restricted to CMGE members.

    To become a member one only needs to be of age or failing this to have parental authorisation and to fill the joining form that can be found in the CMGE’s internet website The form must then be mailed to the CMGE.

    As the CMGE’s first activity, the club organized a meet up at Masía Pelarda in the Teruel province, the two days filled with off-road activities, routes, driving track, night driving and loads of rain, as well as confraternal dinners and country walking and children games.

    The atmosphere and comradeship verged on perfection. The event was attended by CMGE members coming from Catalonia, Valencia, Castile and Leon, Castile La Mancha, Basque Country and Madrid, who excelled in their manners, respect towards the environment and control over delicate driving situations, proving that in off-road driving skills and knowledge of the terrain makes the driving through difficult sections harmless for the natural environment, making the passing through them unnoticeable for third parties.

    You may find pictures of this event and others where CMGE members were in attendance in out Internet website

    For more information, please contact vicepresidente @

The Club Mercedes G EspaÑa Is Born

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